Bloor W Bike Lane Upgrades Delayed

Bloor Cycle Track Paving

If you frequent Bloor between Avenue Road and Spadina Avenue (it's one of the busiest bikeways in North America), you know it's been a construction zone for much of 2021. Watermain replacement has torn up the road during that time. Following completion of that work the bike lanes were scheduled to be upgraded with a similar design as seen on the south side of Bloor west of Spadina. A permanent protected intersection was scheduled to be installed as well.

Disappointingly, the bike lane upgrades and intersection have been delayed until a spring 2022 start. There were unexpected complications with drainage as well as a need for the relocation of utilities in the area.

In the interim, the area will be repaved this weekend (Thu-Sun), with a full closure Friday evening to Sunday morning. Afterward, the bike lanes will be restored to their state prior to watermain work with flexiposts and paint.

If you support connecting Bloor with protected bike lanes from the Viaduct to Six Points (Kipling) and beyond, sign the petition to Connect Bloor:

Connect Bloor

By on Jul 13, 2021

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