Why Bike Law Rides for Safe Streets     

Bike Law team at 2017 Ride for safe streets

It's time for change - on our streets, and in our legal systems.

After over 20 years of representing fallen and seriously injured cyclists and road violence victims, we have seen first hand the physical and emotional damage that these victims and their families have endured.  These injuries and deaths were all needless and preventable. 

Ontario is hitting record number of Vulnerable Road Users being struck and killed on our streets.  Cyclists and pedestrians are filling our emergency rooms on a daily basis and these rates are steadily increasing.  Something must be done. 


The solutions are in front of us.

There are many ways that our Province and City can solve this ever-increasing problem, one of which is to take the precedence away from cars and design safe streets for ALL road users.  Protected bike lanes offer safe travel for cyclists, protected intersections allow for separation between cars and other vulnerable road users and provide increased reaction times and visibility for all.  Investment into proper infrastructure will prevent unnecessary deaths on our streets, it’s as simple as that. 

So, why does Bike Law ride for safe streets?  The answer is easy, to save lives.


About Bike Law Canada

Bike Law is a network of bicycle attorneys, founded in 1998 in the United States and introduced in Canada in 2015. We are not just bike lawyers, we are riders. Our methods and processes have been honed over the last fifteen years: we have handled every type of cycling case, and have learned (and will continue to learn) how to do it better. Our lawyers work together to share insight and experience to serve our clients. Our network is growing, and as it does, each of us learns more. As cyclists, we take a different approach because we understand how important cycling is, and how devastating it can be to be hit on a bike and lose the ability or desire to ride. Our goal is to be social as well as legal advocates, and we strive to help clients get back up riding as soon as possible.





By sarah bradley on Sep 19, 2018

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