Action Alert: Write Public Works Now to Support Boosting Cycling’s Budget to Build the Minimum Grid


In 2015, Cycle Toronto called on City Hall to increase cycling's annual capital budget from $8 million per year to $20 million per year. This budget increase would help make our streets safer, our bodies healthier, and our city less congested. It would also contribute to the completion of a Minimum Grid - including a cycle track on Lake Shore Blvd. W., for which we recently sent out an Action Alert. 

City staff have indicated that they plan to present three base budget options in the Ten Year Cycling Network Plan, which will go to City Council this Spring - $8 million, $12 million, or $16 million per year. While City staff's proposed options are a good step forward, we are concerned that these budget windows are not enough to cover the 2012 Bikeway Trails Implementation Plan, the Eglinton Connects plan, and the ambitious goals set in the Ten Year Cycling Network PlanRead our submission to PWIC for further information. 

The Public Works and Infrastructure Committee (PWIC) is considering a motion to request that staff also include options for yearly funding of $20 million and $25 million. These amounts meet and exceed our goal, and we need your help to make sure they are included in the next Toronto Cycling Network Plan report this spring. We urge you to write PWIC now to support their request to City staff. 


Action Requested: write members of PWIC to show your support for boosting cycling's budget to $25 million


Members of Public Works & Infrastructure Committee:

To: "PWIC" <>, “Councillor Jaye Robinson” <>, “Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon” <>, “Councillor Anthony Perruzza” <>, “Councillor Ron Moeser” <>, “Councillor Chin Lee” <>, “Councillor Stephen Holyday” <>

Remember to cc Include PW11.7 in your subject line.

Creativity matters. Include your personal story. And consider including your mailing address; it carries more weight. Please write by Monday February 29th at 4:30 pm.

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By Jared Kolb on Feb 23, 2016