Infrastructure Creation, Maintenance, and Enforcement

Photo of Bloor St at Brunswick Ave. In the foreground, an Electrical vehicle is parked and there are pylons surrounding it on the road and sidewalk. There are new signs on the sidewalk to be installed on the street for the planned contra-flow bike lanes o

Infrastructure Creation

Cycle Toronto advocates for adequate funding and political support for cycling infrastructure. It should be well designed, well marked, and safe, with the goal of making a complete road system. We want the City of Toronto to encourage new cyclists, not just accommodate existing traffic.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Cycle Toronto wants the City of Toronto to repair the pavement in the bike lanes, keeping it free of potholes, and repainting the lines when needed. In the winter, the lanes should be kept clear of snow and ice, and in the summer, clear of glass and garbage. The park trails should be opened and maintained all year round.

Infrastructure Enforcement

This position statement is under consideration:

Cycle Toronto wants the City of Toronto to enforce existing laws concerning infrastructure, such as ticketing and towing cars that park in the bike lanes. Those vehicles provided with special exemption from the City of Toronto to park in bike lanes, such as public utility vehicles, should use pylons to re-create a safe bicycle lane around them.