Pop-up bike lane on Bloor St to be unveiled at Open Streets TO


We're unveilling a pop-up bike lane on Bloor St near Markham St during Open Streets TO on Sunday September 6th between 9:00am and 1:00pm. The pop-up bike lane is the next step in the Bloor Loves Bikes campaign which seeks to build public support for a pilot Bloor St bike lane to be launched in 2016 and the inclusion of Bloor St corridor in the City of Toronto’s new 10 year cycling network plan.

Torontonians are invited to try riding the pop-up bike lane to help understand what it’s like to ride along Bloor St. Moveable planter pots will be used to beautify the pop-up bike lane. 

A growing number of businesses and residents are supportive of bike lanes on Bloor St. Over 50 businesses on Bloor St have put Bloor Loves Bikes stickers in their windows and more than 3,000 people have signed the pledge

September 6, 2015 - 9:00am to 1:00pm
Open Street TO
Markham & Bloor
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA