Bike theft is a real problem in Toronto.

  • More than $11,450,000 worth of bicycles were reported to be stolen between 2014 and 2017.

  • Only 1.27% of bicycles reported stolen are recovered.

  • More than a third of thefts happen on private property.

  • Reported thefts have been increasing every year since 2014.

  • Read more statistics on bike theft.

 We have a plan.

  • Deploy - work with Toronto Police and City of Toronto.

  • Educate - work with bike shops and other institutions in communities that ride.

  • Engage - reach out to the riding public, and register as many bikes as we can.

  • It's been working in Vancouver; take a look at our more detailed plan.

How does Project 529 Work?

The more support we have, the more people we can reach, the stronger the program will be.

Read about our fundraising effort, and our proposed budget.

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