Why $50,000? Here’s our budget to #EndBikeTheft

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Thanks for your support as our plans to #EndBikeTheft shape up.

We’ve been thrilled at the positive feedback about our big plans to tackle bike theft by bringing 529 Garage to Toronto. Clearly the need for a community-powered system is resonating with people across the city. We’re reaching out to ask for your support this year to get the ball rolling in early 2019. You can get a charitable tax receipt if you do.


You'll be taken to our partner CultureLink's* Canada Helps page; select Fund 2 - Cycling Education Program.


We’ve gotten questions about why we’re asking for $50,000.

If this app already exists, then what is the money for? There are other major pieces that need to be locked down, and Cycle Toronto is placed to do just that thanks to our partnerships with key players and our community connections. We have the relationships, the passion, and the know-how, but we need resources to be able to hit the ground running.

Here’s a rough breakdown of expenses for a year-long campaign to #EndBikeTheft:

The more money we raise, the greater our impact

The more we raise, the more people we can sign up, and the more effective the initiative will be. We’ve already raised over $5,000 thanks to the generous support of members and donors across the city.

With your support, we’ll be able to keep meetings with Toronto Police and the City moving in the right direction, and be poised to act quickly in early 2019.

We can deliver this program to Toronto, and make a city where bike theft is taken more seriously than ever before. We need your help now to make it happen.


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About CultureLink:

Our partnership with CultureLink Settlement & Community Services makes this all possible. As a registered charity that reached over 25,000 individuals with engaging and innovative programs in 2017-2018, we’re proud to work with them to deliver cycling education and programming.


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By sarah bradley on Dec 06, 2018

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