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We're calling for bike lanes on a well-used corridor. Danforth can have it all:

Bike lanes

On-street parking

Car lanes

Wide sidewalks

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Danforth Complete Streets Study Update

The second Danforth Community Meeting was held on Monday, January 27 to share feedback collected from the first public meeting. It was clear that a variety of local voices had asked for pilot bike lanes in 2020 on the Danforth, so much so that the Study’s Terms of Reference was updated to “...review options for a complete street design, and the potential for on-street protected bike lanes between Broadview and Victoria Park.” Get a complete rundown of the event by clicking here.

If you couldn’t make it to the meeting, there is still an opportunity to provide feedback to the City. They have posted an online map where you can leave digital sticky notes on what you like, dislike, and want to see in the future on the Danforth. Tell the City your personal reasons why you want to see bike lanes on Danforth in 2020. Post notes on the map for a limited time.

Why a pilot bike lane on Danforth?

The City of Toronto is conducting a ‘Complete Streets’ study of Danforth until June 2021 involving Transportation Services, Economic Development, and Planning. By bringing these three departments together, the study will consider business needs, mobility needs, and the long-term planning goals for the Danforth.

A ‘Complete Street’ means that everyone who uses the road is accommodated, of all ages and abilities, whether they are walking, driving, taking transit, or biking. To help inform the City’s study, it makes sense to pilot the bike lanes so that any problem areas can be studied and adjusted based on public consultation. Without a pilot, we run the risk of making permanent changes to the road that cannot be tweaked.

City Council has endorsed designing a bike lane on Danforth from Broadview to Dawes by summer 2020 - let’s get it built!

Why do bike lanes on Danforth make sense?

It's well-used

There are 3000+ daily bike trips on Danforth already. Once a bike lane is put in, ridership will blossom. Bloor Street nearly doubled its ridership after a bike lane went in; Richmond/Adelaide went up more than 10x!

It's wide

There’s enough room for car lanes, street parking, wide sidewalks, and a protected bike lane. Let’s share the space so everyone is comfortable.

It's safer

Bike lanes are safe for all road users; not just people riding bikes. After the Bloor bike lanes went in:

  • Car-car conflicts dropped 71%
  • Car-bike conflicts dropped 61%
  • Car-pedestrian conflicts dropped 55%

It's connected

There are many parks, shops, and festivals to bike to, as well as 33 schools with 19,000 students near Danforth Ave.

It's popular with residents

Nearly 85% of residents support building protected bike lanes (Ekos, 2020)

It's popular with BIAs

Toronto BIAs support their protected bike lanes. Bloor, Richmond, and Adelaide have all been very successful, so the Financial District, Entertainment, St. Lawrence, Bloor Annex, and Mirvish Village BIAs have all come out in support of their bike lanes.

It improves connectivity

Most patrons don’t drive. A Toronto study found more than 80% of patrons arrived to Greektown by walking, cycling, or taking transit.

It's good for business

Bike lanes mean more people can safely get to stores on Danforth, and more people means more business! On Bloor Street, business has gone up since the bike lanes went in. It helps that cyclists spend more money: a study in Portland found that customers who biked spent 24% more per month than those who drove.

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