New to cycling? Check out these resources:

Toronto Cycling Network

You can view a version of Toronto's cycling network on google maps.

If you have always wanted to start cycling, but don't know where to start, check out this website for tips and inspirational stories from fellow beginner bike riders. 

Toronto Cycling Handbook & Family Edition 

Read up on road rules, bike maintenance tips, and cycling etiquette in the official Toronto Cycling Handbook. Standard edition available in 13 languages! 

How to Plan your Bike Route

Learn how to plan a route to bike in the city, with some suggestions on types of websites and apps to use.


More cyclist resources: 

Types of bike lanes and trails in Toronto

Toronto has many options for people who prefer not to ride their bikes with car traffic. Check out the different types of cycling infrastructure in the city and other bike-friendly ways to get around! 

Legal Spin

Patrick Brown, a Senior Partner at McLeish Orlando Critical Injury Law Firm, answers cyclists’ questions when it comes to their safety and legal rights in sharing the road. 

Winter Riding Tips

Keep riding all winter long: review our key winter riding tips to be a four season cyclist.

Reporting Snow in Bike Lanes

How to report winter maintenance issues in Toronto.

Do-It-Yourself Bike Shops and Clinics

A list of DIY bike shops and clinics across Toronto. We update this list whenever possible. Have a suggestion? Email us