Team CultureLink

We are Family or Friends of CultureLink and are riding together to provide support for road safety in Toronto. Our city has been facing a crisis in road safety. The City has tried to increase the amount of funding in the pursuit of Vision Zero, but little will change without consistent advocacy. We need to compel the city to build out better infrastructure, more protective policies, with more automated enforcement as soon as possible. Supporting our ride for safe streets will help Cycle Toronto continue advocating for a faster roll out of road safety interventions.
This year’s contributions will help Cycle Toronto make an impact on the municipal election and beyond. We're working hard to elevate road safety, to extend the lanes on Bloor, and introduce protected bike lanes on Danforth Ave, and more. Donate now and you'll support the fight for safe streets and a healthy city for all. We hope we can count on you!
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Members of Team CultureLink Raised
Alasis Mohamed $ 70.00
Andrew Masur $ 180.00
Ariel Pozas
Cathy Katrib-Reyes $ 100.00
Chantelle Campbell-Sholzberg $ 135.00
Cheryl Cornejo $ 90.00
Ferdie Alvarez $ 185.00
Gabriel Reyes $ 50.00
kenneth Palomera
Kristin Schwartz
Maio Palomera
Sonia Aguilar Valencia $ 80.00
Thea Alvarez
Vivien Leong $ 45.00
Goal $ 1,000.00
94% towards our goal
$ 935.00 raised