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Hi everyone, this is Joe from Biking Toronto.

ibiketo-shirt-blue-250.pngIf you're looking for a free I Bike T.O. shirt, all 100 shirts have been spoken for, but you can still win prizes for joining Cycle Toronto - details below! (and you can still buy a shirt here)


Join or renew with Cycle Toronto via the "Join Cycle Toronto" button below and get entered into draws for some amazing prizes!

bigbike.jpegA Devinci Montreal Bike!
(value: $650)

Cycle Toronto is putting the names of everyone who signs up into a draw for a bike donated by Curbside Cycle. The bike is a Devinci Montreal and looks amazing. If you win you can choose the male or female version of the bike.

2 rhm_006_01_1024x1024.jpgRoad Holland Jerseys
(value: $120 each)

We make serious and stylish cycling wear. Serious because cycling demands clothes that fit well, perform well, and last. Stylish because we believe riders shouldn’t look like ad-emblazoned corporate team clowns just because they are on two wheels.

2 fireball-150x150.jpgMonkeyLectric M210 spoke lights
(value: $40 each)

Show your Style! The M210 Monkey Light is a rugged, practical, high performance bicycle light that keeps you visible in all weather conditions. The M210 straps to your spokes and displays brilliant patterns on your spinning bike wheel. Show your style with cutting edge themes designed by our electronic artists.

5 roots41_150x150.1.jpgRoots Canada travel pouches
(value: $50 each)

Roots has donated 5 of these great leather travel pouches: Keep all your personal items personal in this compact Canadian-made leather kit, great for holding onto shaving accessories or toiletries.

5 revolution-on-dvd-150x150.pngRevolution Movie BluRay DVDs – donated by Roots Canada
(value: $25 each)

Toronto filmmaker Rob Stewart turns his camera from the saving the oceans — as he did with 2006 film-fest favourite Sharkwater — to the rest of the planet with Revolution. Inspired by a question from the audience at a Hong Kong screening of Sharkwater, where a student wonders why Stewart is so worried about saving sharks when it looks like the oceans will be devoid of life by 2048, Stewart sets off to find answers.
My Rank: #1