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Our city is facing a road safety crisis. The City has made moves to increase the amount of funding in pursuit of its five-year Vision Zero Road Safety Plan, but little will change without consistent advocacy. Here at Cycle Toronto we're in a good place to effect change. With over 3,000 engaged members across the city, we have the privilege of hearing and sharing stories from people who ride, regardless of how cycling fits into their lives. Our members remind us that building bike lanes is crucial, but just as important is running advocacy campaigns reflective of the people living in those neighbourhoods. That's what led to our success on Bloor, and we're confident we can experiene success on the Danforth, Yonge, and more. With more people biking, walking, and taking transit than ever, we need to compel the city to build out better infrastructure, more protective policies, with more appropriate legislation as soon as possible.
Every contribution - no matter how large or small - will help Cycle Toronto make an impact on the municipal election (October 22, 2018) and beyond. We're working hard to extend the bike lanes on Bloor, and introduce protected bike lanes on Danforth Ave, Yonge St, and more. In addition to infrastructure, we're focusing on elevating road safety in public conversations, offering educational resources like free workshops and handbooks, and running encouragement programs to make riding a bike a viable and fun option for people across Toronto. Donate now and you'll support the push for safe streets and a healthier, happier, and more connected city. I hope I can count on your support!
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