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TL;DR Streets are dangerous. Better infrastructure, policies, education and enforcement can make it less so. Advocacy helps us get there. *Donate to my ride to support Cycle Toronto. $30 gets you a membership, and a chance to win $500 from VIA Rail.*

I was looking forward to helping a better city over the next few years, but now I'm not so sure how it's going to play out. Provincial politics are enraging, the 25 ward race is disappointing - to say the least. There is a risk that many more of the things we hold dear in this City will be threatened. Call me biased, but the ability to move safely around the city on my bike and on foot is also on my mind.

I'm a confident rider, but I don't feel safe as I do confident. A moment of distraction or spitefulness on the part of someone behind the wheel could change, or end my life. I'm more likely to be killed on my way to work or the grocery store, than I am in a shooting or a van attack. The insulting part of this everyday atrocity would be that my death would likely be treated as a traffic violation, eg. $350 for an unsafe lane change. Statistics might be updated, a politician might be quoted in an article. Little would get better, little would change. This happens over and over, dozens and dozens of times. This is traffic violence.

It doesn't need to be this way. We can counteract it. It might seem too big, too systemic, too culturally ingrained. All the more reason to try to change it! I'm organizing the Ride for Safe Streets on Saturday Sept 22nd. I'm asking my friends, and acquaintances to consider chipping in to support the cause.

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