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The number of cyclists in Toronto continues to grow, but safe cycling infrastructure isn't keeping up with the need to protect those of us travelling on two wheels. Please support me as I ride for safer streets!
City Council recently passed Vision Zero 2.0, but little is likely to change without consistent advocacy. We need to compel the city to build out better infrastructure, more protective policies, with more automated enforcement as soon as possible. Supporting my ride for safe streets will help Cycle Toronto continue advocating for a faster roll out of road safety interventions.
It's so exciting that Council recently supported extending the Bloor bike lane from Shaw to High Park (as early as next summer!), completing a design for bike infrastructure on the Danforth and making complete streets (which include bike lanes) the default for any street reconstruction, but we need to ensure these plans and more become a reality ASAP!
Please donate now to support Cycle Toronto's work advocating for safe streets and a healthy city for all.
Donations of $30 or more get you a Cycle Toronto membership, which includes benefits like lock cutting and discounts at shops across the city.
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