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Many residents ride bicycles for different reasons: some for recreation, commuting, exercise, or all three! A big part of Toronto’s cycling advocacy history has included the call for more bike lanes to ensure that people can get around the city safely. Safe cycling infrastructure is essential—and so too is the community you build along the way!

Join us to hear from three speakers who are active in their communities and the projects that they are working on to spread the joy of cycling or make Toronto a safer place to walk, cycle, and roll.


Christina Hoang, resident and community organizer in Mount Dennis Cassandra Powell, Organizer of the GyalDem Cycling Collective Najia Zewari, Founder of the Afghan Women's Cycling Group


  • Mark Romeril, Senior Partnerships & Development Manager of Cycle Toronto

About the speakers:

Christina Hoang is a resident and community organizer in Mount Dennis, where she was raised since the age of 3. She is working to engage with other residents, with a focus on BIPOC youth, to address issues of climate justice and urban equity (we had previously planned a vertical garden project with native plants, and a 100% free "eco fair" - including bike and electronic repair, food waste workshops etc - that got postponed/cancelled due to COVID-19). With Walk and Cycle York South Weston, she is working to advocate for bike infrastructure, but also looking to address equity issues within bike advocacy, such as  engagement of racialized and low-income residents through low-cost/free bike programming.

Christina created a pay-what-you-can quarantine cookbook with her friend, which shares pantry friendly recipes and educational resources on food justice. 100% of proceeds going towards Black Creek Community Farm and Jane and Finch Action Against poverty.

Christina is currently in the process of applying for a grant to work on a BIPOC food mapping project as a way to discuss displacement and gentrification in her neighborhood.

Najia Zewari is an Afghan/Canadian women’s rights activist and has over ten years of experience working with the United Nations Country office on gender and justice issues. She moved to Canada in 2013 and founded the Global Women’s Network in Toronto. Through the Women’s Wellness Cafe initiative, she and a group of Afghan women learned how to bike. She is also the founder of the Women’s Cycling Network in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Last summer, through the Women’s Cycling Network and in collaboration with Cycle Don Valley Midtown, they launched #BikeMatchWCN and matched 75 women with bicycles in Thorncliffe Park, Flemingdon Park, and nearby communities and engaged in Overlea bridge advocacy work.

Cassandra Powell is an organizer of Gyaldem Cycling Collective, sister club of ManDem Cycling Club.

A local cycling and activity club created for all womxn-identifying and non-binary individuals. GyaldemCC focuses on being a safe and inclusive group to ride within Toronto and the surrounding areas. We believe that there is great value in cyclists coming together to share in adventures, and building community and confidence within its riders. We hope to grow the GyaldemCC community in the coming years as we continue to offer safe and welcoming riding experiences.
Cassandra has been cycling for many years and became very involved in the cycling community during the 2020 pandemic at which point cycling became a genuine passion. During the off-season, she hosts virtual Zwift rides every Sunday. She is very excited to be a part of the conversation about cycling advocacy.


February 3rd, 2021 6:30 PM through  7:30 PM
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