How you can get Involved in Cycling Advocacy

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This session will introduce new advocates and those curious about cycling advocacy to ways that they can get involved—both with Cycle Toronto and within their own communities.

Join Kevin Rupasinghe, Cycle Toronto Campaigns Manager, to learn more about getting involved in cycling advocacy and how you can make an impact in Toronto and your neighbourhood.

This session is free! You do not need to be a Cycle Toronto member to attend.

About the speaker:

Kevin Rupasinghe is the Campaigns Manager for Cycle Toronto. Kevin oversees Cycle Toronto's major campaigns, whether getting protected bike lanes on key arteries such as Bloor and Danforth or rebuilding uptown Yonge as a complete street. He works closely with citizens and politicians to make our cycling dreams a reality. Kevin enjoys tinkering with technical projects, has a strong interest in urban and civic affairs, and is passionate about sustainability. He completed his undergraduate studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering and is currently pursuing his graduate studies in Civil Engineering (Cities Engineering Management), both at the University of Toronto.


February 3rd, 2021 5:45 PM through  6:20 PM
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