Bloor Loves Bikes: it takes a village to build a bike lane

In November 2017, we won permanent, protected bike lanes on Bloor. But it took countless hours of work to build support. Here's how we did it.

On November 7, 2017, after an entire day of deputations and studies demonstrating positive outcomes for the pilot bike lanes on Bloor, City Council voted 36-6 in favour of making them permanent, with strong support from Mayor John Tory. This is a testament to sustained work and collaboration between advocates, residents, local businesses, institutions, and elected officials. It takes a village to build a bike lane!

Three pillars to our advocacy efforts on Bloor were:

  • Collecting and sharing statistics to dispel myths about bike lanes being bad for business or contributing to traffic congestion
  • Community organizing through door-to-door canvassing and our Ward Advocacy groups
  • Developing a diverse ecosystem of voices and shared messaging to make a case that bike lanes benefit the whole community - not just people riding bikes

An extensive Bloor Bike Lanes Evaluation Report conducted by City of Toronto Transportation Staff drew from traffic counts, public surveys, and economic data to demonstrate overwhelmingly positive impacts of the instalment of bike lanes. Notably, cycling volumes have increased by 49% from baseline counts in June 2016.

Check out the City of Toronto's Bloor Street West Bike Lane Pilot Project Evaluation for the full picture.