Extend the Bloor bike lanes west to Runnymede

Pledges: 2569

The numbers are in: ridership has skyrocketed on Bloor.

With nearly one million cyclists counted riding on the Bloor bike lanes between Avenue Rd. and Shaw St., this 2.4km stretch is one of the busiest cycling routes on the continent.

The numbers we’re seeing on Bloor St are even more impressive when you consider that it remains disconnected, linking to only two continuous north-south routes (Shaw and St. George - neither of which are protected facilities). If one segment on its own can lead to substantial increases in ridership, imagine what a westward extension, and eventually a city-wide grid, could achieve.

Let's keep up the momentum and extend the bike lanes westward from Shaw St. to Runnymede. by 2020.


Toronto City Council: We, the undersigned, support extending the Bloor Street bike lanes west from Shaw St. to Runnymede.

  • The original pledge, which asked for your support to make the Bloor pilot permanent, was revised in April 2019, with an updated call to extend the Bloor bike lanes westward.
  • If you signed the original pledge, please add your name to the updated one if you support our new call for a westward extension.
  • Do you want to sign the pledge on behalf of a community group, school or association? Get in touch with us by writing info@cycleto.ca!
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