Bike Valet FAQs for event holders

Is Bike Valet right for my event?

Let's face it, there is not enough bike parking in Toronto. If you're expecting a large number of guests for an event, they will need bike parking and we can keep it organized, tidy and attractive for your guests. Cycle Toronto delivers the complete parking service – everything from equipment and site consultation to branded bike tags, wayfinding, operations, insurance and event holder support prior to and during your event. Bike Valet can be set up in parks, on-street, or on the event’s property. Bike Valet is sited in a highly visible location near the venue’s main entrance. 

What does Bike Valet do for my event?

Bike Valet takes your event to the next level. If you’re expecting a large number of guests, having secure bike parking onsite can make the first and last impression that your guests encounter. We've been told time and again just how valuable patrons find our service and that secure bike parking encouraged them to attend.  When people choose to come by bike, it can significantly reduce site congestion, makes parking easier for those already coming by bicycle, and offers red carpet service to those who choose cycling to get there.

How many bikes can Bike Valet hold?

Depending on the location, you may want to assume that between 5-10% of your patrons will arrive by bike if you provide a secure place to park. A typical Bike Valet varies between 40 and 200 bikes, with room for more with additional rack rental. The size of the Bike Valet may depend on the amount of space you have available.

How much space is required for Bike Valet?

Part of our service is designing and siting a Bike Valet that will attract the most visitors. We should always be located near the main entrance(s) for high visibility. We can fit into a compact space, but ideally the Bike Valet area would be at least 20+ feet wide. The footprint for 200 bikes would be ~60'x45' or 50'x55'.

What are the rates for Bike Valet?

Bike Valet is a complete turn-key service. We provide everything you need to ensure secure bike parking for your event. Our standard rate is $100/hour per entrance (minimum  $500/event), which includes service for 30-60 minutes before and after formal programming. Bike Valet services include bike rack rental and transportation, insurance, site consultation and visits, site map, staffing, and promotion. A 50% deposit will be charged if  the event holder cancels Bike Valet within 10 days of the event.

Can I get a sponsor to help with costs?

A sponsored Bike Valet is a great opportunity to show your support for cycling at an additional $1000 per event and also includes the following benefits:

  • Bike Valet Naming Rights: “Bike Valet powered by your organization” in all Cycle Toronto event promotions, signage, and online communications. Opportunity to be listed on event holder signage & materials

  • Branded Bike Valet tags designed in consultation with your organization, including logo recognition and opportunity for promotional messaging, giveaways and/or contests on each valet tag

  • Sponsor banners, signage, and materials displayed prominently on-site

  • Up to 2 members of your business on-site to publicize organizational initiatives and member promotions and/or onsite promotion by Cycle Toronto

  • Link to your organization’s website on Cycle Toronto event listing (50,000 annual users) and event holder’s website

  • Social media support to Cycle Toronto’s 30,000+ followers: Minimum of 3 mentions of Bike Valet powered by your business leading up to and during the event to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers. Can include contest giveaways where applicable

  • Opportunity to showcase your support for cycling through a partnership with Cycle Toronto

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