Let's keep the ActiveTO bike lanes!

ActiveTO brought us Quiet Streets, Major Road Openings, and temporary bike lanes. Now, we need your help to keep the temporary bike lanes.

Bloor Loves Bikes!

We analyzed a year's worth of counts, and the numbers are staggering: nearly 1 million people were counted riding on the Bloor bike lanes last year! More people than ever are using Bloor to ride to work or school, visit local shops, or meet friends. Next step? Extending them west from Shaw St. to Runnymede.

Danforth Loves Bikes!

Let's get bike lanes on the Danforth between Broadview and Dawes! Bike counts from June 2018 indicate that the Danforth is primed for bike lanes. This is the east-end’s only route with the potential to provide a continuous connection from downtown across the Don Valley to Scarborough.

Yonge Loves Bikes!

Toronto’s iconic Yonge St. has long been a key destination for anyone visiting or living here- but its design needs to catch up to the high volumes of people biking, walking, and taking transit.

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Position Statements

Cycle Toronto publishes position statements on major topics, including: sharrows, bicycle licensing, active and e-mobility, shared space, and more.

Protected Bike Lanes on Eglinton!

The City will be rebuilding Eglinton as part of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. Amazingly, City Council unanimously approved the recommendations of City staff for full, separated bike lanes for the entire length of Eglinton - from Jane St to Kennedy! Now, help us get the project funded and built!
bad crash reporting

Vulnerable Road User Laws

We believe Vulnerable Road User laws should be studied and implemented by the Province. Vulnerable Road Users such as pedestrians and cyclists tend to bear the greatest burden of injury on our roads.

Other advocacy organizations

Friends and Families for Safe Streets

FFSS is working to end traffic violence in Toronto by changing laws, enforcement, street design, public attitudes and traffic culture to make our vibrant streets safer and more equitable for all road users, while supporting those who are survivors. Our members are survivors of traffic collisions and friends and families whose loved ones have been killed or severely injured by careless drivers and dangerous conditions on Toronto's streets.