Advocacy Committee

bells on danforth group ride in 2018

Cycle Toronto's Advocacy Committee is a crucial part of fulfulling our mission to advocate for a safe, healthy and vibrant cycling city for all.



The Advocacy Committee is responsible for supporting, planning, developing strategy for, and assisting in the advocacy of Cycle Toronto campaigns. They are not responsible for delivery of Cycle Toronto programs but provide strategic input on the Ward Advocacy Program.  They seek input from Working Group Chairs. Committee co-chairs report to the Cycle Toronto Board of Directors.  

They write position statements, develop submissions for City and Province-led consultations, attend meetings and collaborate on hot button issues related to cycling in Toronto.



2019-2020 Advocacy Committee Members: John Taranu, Herb van den Dool, Adrian Currie, Paula Turtle, Michael Black, Robert Zaichkowski, Darnel Harris, Clayton Rudy, Kevin Rupasinghe, Laura Bast, Gerry Brown, Nicholas Sanderson, Priyanka Vittal (Co-Chair), Jared Kolb (Co-Chair)


Interested in getting involved?

We recruit new members in the Fall for two-year terms. Reach out to us at with Advocacy Committee in the subject line. 


Here's a sample of recent work.