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Kevin rides an orange Cycle Toronto cargo bike on a trail in Scarborough

What does it take to get a bike lane built?

There is a lot of work ahead in 2022, and Cycle Toronto’s team of staff, volunteers, and local partners are ready to meet this moment and keep rolling forward.
Sonam stands beside her bike as the sun sets over Lake Ontario

What does it take to build a culture of cycling?

By using her passion for sustainable living and community organizing, and perspective as a new rider, Sonam hopes to help people all over Toronto to discover or deepen their love of cycling.
Taneisha wears a bike helmet outside Union Station

What does it take to get someone on a bike?

This year, Taneisha was excited to lead our effort to bring cycling engagement activities to all 25 wards in the city — a first for our organization.

Scarborough Needs a Cycling Network

A short documentary of people riding bikes in Scarborough — joy, health, utility, cost savings, fear, danger, lack of safety, and the common knowledge that Scarborough roads take lives.

A smiling woman wearing a hijab

Kingston Road Should Have Protected Bike Lanes

Cesar, Mahira, and Marvin are all calling for protected bike lanes, in their community, on Kingston Road in Scarborough.
Pictures of a woman and her children cycling

Scarborough Residents Call for Protected Bike Lanes

People like Nita and A.Y. need safe cycling infrastructure to ensure that their families are safe, and for their own independence.
Hafeez Alavi poses with his bike on a bridge in a valley

Thorncliffe & Flemingdon Cycling Community Leaders

Nazereh, Ghotai, Najia, and Hafeez are all leading the cycling community in Thorncliffe & Flemingdon in their own way.
Two images of the same women on a bike. One has a sign that says "Just a nurse biking to work"

Biking to the Frontline feat. Carmen Jones

Carmen relates her experience riding a bike to work as an oncology nurse at the beginning of the pandemic.
Smiling woman wearing a bike helmet

Biking to the Frontline feat. Rosa Phillip

Rosa switched to riding a bike to work at a busy downtown hospital as a Medical Laboratory Technologist processing tissue specimens to help pathologists diagnose diseases.
Christopher McGarrell poses with his bike in front of graffiti that says "Corktown"

Breaking Barriers to Biking with Christopher McGarrell & ManDemCC

Christopher had to drive to Parry Sound to pick up his new bike at the beginning of the pandemic. He considers himself lucky to be able to make that trip; a lot of people can’t.
Ry on their way to Tommy Thompson park, and their view from their bike ride at the park

Biking in Toronto Winter Ft. Ry Shissler

My first bike ride was in the middle of winter and I loved it!